Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta – business class car.

Grand sedan for 5 passengers with suitcases.

Manual transmission. 1.6L engine petrol. 5 doors. Big trunk.

Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20, gasoline, engine 1.2, manual, 5 doors, aircon, radio with USB.

Fresh, good and serviced car.

Low fuel consumption (only 6 liters for 100km in city and 4 liters at the highway)

Child seat for free!

320 EUR/month with insurance.

Safety rules for car renting

Tenerife is a very safe place, but some places can be not so safe at all. This is view points in most popular tourist places – parking lots at the Teide and Masca.

Don’t leave the bags and private things inside of the car, because many robbers wait for the tourists and very often the brake the glasses of the car and take the things inside!

All other places is safe and we don’t hear about any problems here.

Never leave photo cameras and notebooks in the cars.

Best places to visit with a car at Tenerife

Tenerife island has a lot of interest places and most of them reachable only with a car.

Volcano Teide has a good road and parking place at the view point.

Valley Masca has a parking near the village, where you can leave he car and make a hiking.

Forest Anaga at the north have a lot of relict tree with age over 1000+ years.

Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz have a big parking place.

Buenavista and Teno have a very good nature views and lighthouse.

Candelaria is a modern city with Church of Black Madonna.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of Tenerife, there is a lot of interest places, like a Auditorium, Old City, Plaza de Espana and beach with a white sand, named Las Teresitas.


Gas types in Tenerife

At the Tenerife island, like in Spain and other European countries, every gas station have a gasoline (benzine) and gasoil (diesel) and also liquid propan gas (LPG).

Because tenerife is not a very big island, cars not go by long distances usually and so dont need very economical fuel type, so at the Tenerife is not so many diesel cars, unlike in mainland.

All cars in our rentacar is gasoline, so you can use Gasoline 95 in any gas station without any doubts. Also at the Tenerife very low prices for fuel (in 2018 in was 1.00 EUR per liter), because Canarias have a special VAT 7% unlike usualy 21% in other Europe.